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Living room

In Western architecture, a living room or lounge room (informal: lounge) is a room in a residential house for relaxing and socializing. Such a room is sometimes called a front room when it is near the main entrance at the front of the house. The term sitting room is sometimes used synonymously with living room, although a sitting room may also occur in a hotel or other public building. The term living room was coined in the late 18th or early 19th century.

In homes that lack a parlour or drawing room, the living room may also function as a reception room.

A typical Western living room may contain furnishings such as a sofa, chairs, occasional tables, and bookshelves, electric lamps, rugs, or other furniture. Traditionally, a sitting room in the United Kingdom and New Zealand has a fireplace. In a Japanese sitting room, called a washitsu, the floor is covered with tatami, sectioned mats, on which people can sit comfortably.

In larger homes in the United States and Canada, the living room may be reserved for more formal and quiet entertaining, while a separate room—such as a den, family room, or recreation room is used for leisure and informal entertainment. A great room combines the functions of one or more of these rooms.

The MEGA-DESIGN living room, bookshelf and library system fulfils all your wishes: going from book racks exactly manufactured to fit your sloping ceilings to complete living room arrangements and room divider units. The varied look created by the wooden and lacquer surface versions and the design gives your rooms a simple yet modern touch.

The most central piece of furniture in your living room certainly, and the one that draws the most focus, is your sofa. Your sofa should be comfortable above all else. It should be something that you can spend hours on a lazy weekend afternoon, something that active kids can climb on and something that will encourage friends to stay just a little bit longer. Your sofa should be pleasing to the eye.

Living room or family room easy chairs love seats and sofas enjoy, like grandma s rocker right next to the wood stove rocking chair snow load rocking chair, upholstered rocking chair mountain woods furniture. You may also Interested in Stools & Ottomans, Sofas & Sofa Beds.

Contemporary living room furniture and seating arrangements include leather furniture and stylish contemporary rugs. Modern living room furniture can use mix and match seating and furniture options. Modernistic, sleek or creative tables, side tables with glass tops, benches and ottomans and contemporary rugs can be arranged well in your living and family room to give an oriental look to your .

The sofa and ottoman are covered in a fabric and accented with leather, while the chair itself is in solid leather. The coffee table has a completely different color of metal than the furnishings, but works nicely with the black leather.

In the contemporary living room, furniture will be arranged for maximum use of the space, giving the room as open and airy a feeling as possible, while also making it inviting and comfortable.If you want to model your living room in minimalistic and contemporary style, here is a nice example of modern living room photo gallery...More detail …

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